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Doci & Devinta - Say La Vie (Official Music Video)
Doci & Devinta - Say La Vie (Official Music Video) 18,121 • Dipublish 21 April 2020
Producer : Donny Richie (DOCI)
Song Writer : Kaleena Zanders & Vanessa Michaels
Vocalist : Devinta Trista
Vocal Director : Kaleena Zanders & Vanessa Michaels

Say La Vie tells a story of a hopeless romantic girl who wishes upon the stars to get a boyfriend who'll never ever leave her. Loo and behold, her wishes came true when two fairies played by Doci and Devinta Trista, heard and granted her wish. Doci produces the catchy tunes, which is completed by Devinta's soulful voice for the lyrics written by Kaleena Zanders and Venessa Michaels. The heroine realises soon enough that her wish is not what she needed; what she needed the most is to stand up on her own feet and not ashamed about it.

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