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REDOING A COVER - 15 vs 18 YEARS OLD | 'Runnin' - Naughty Boy ft Beyonce Cover
REDOING A COVER - 15 vs 18 YEARS OLD | 'Runnin' - Naughty Boy ft Beyonce Cover 12,190 • Dipublish 8 April 2021
*Bahasa Indonesia Captions Available*

Hai everyone! Sorry for going missing hehe... I now have lots of ideas for the next video thanks to all of you who commented in the previous video :D In this one, I posted a cover that my best friend and I did 3 years ago, and redid that cover today! I hope this video entertains all of you and dont forget to comment your suggestions for my next videos! I'll be sure to read them :D Also, let us know if you think we've improved or not!

Hai semua! Maaf ya aku ngilang hehe... Aku udah punya banyak ide untuk video selanjutnya, makasi ya untuk semua yang ngasih saran (iyaa, ternyata saran bukan sugesti hahaha) di video sebelumnya :D Di video ini, aku ngepost cover yang aku dan sahabatku bikin 3 tahun yang lalu, terus aku cover lagi lagu itu sekarang! Aku berharap video ini menghibur kalian, dan jangan lupa untuk komen lagi jika kalian punya rekomendasi untuk video selanjutnya! Aku janji aku baca! Oh ya, menurut kalian kita membaik ga nyanyinya?

CREDITS to PianoNest for BG music

COVER OF | Runnin - Naughty Boy ft Beyonce

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