Now United - Nobody Fools Me Twice (Official Home Video)

21,666 • Dipublish 7 Desember 2020
Now United Presents: ‘Nobody Fools Me Twice’
Filmed in: Los Angeles, California

안녕 uniters 💕
Ahh this was such a special experience !
Nobody Fools Me Twice is a song that everyone can relate to, had a lot of meaning to me personally so i’m just grateful to share with you guys !

Every shot has a story behind it from my experiences and hope you guys have fun finding out what they are !

This music video really brought me to a creative challenge since everything had to be shot in my small apartment with minimum resources 🦋

I want to Thank our team and everyone who supported me on this , especially Dima Kovalchuk , Hayley Costey for making my visions come true ❤️

Love Heyoon 💕


Production by @ownthelight
Filmed by Dima Kovalchuk
Directed by Heyoon Jeong, Hayley Costey, Dima Kovalchuk
Edited by Dima Kovalchuk, Leo Akagi

Produced by Leroy “Big Taste” Clampitt.
Written by Leroy “Big Taste” Clampitt, Sarah Hudson & Stephenie Nicole Jones.
Drums, guitar and keyboard programming by Leroy “Big Taste” Clampitt.
Mixed by Anders Hvenare.

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Songwriting & Publishing Credits:
Leroy Clampitt (ASCAP), Sarah Hudson (ASCAP) Stephenie Nicole Jones

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