NIKI performs "Lose" LIVE

122,964 • Dipublish 21 September 2020

"Lose" by NIKI - available everywhere now: https://88rising.lnk.to/LoseID
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NIKI live performance of "Lose" for Oppo Indonesia's OPPO Reno 4 Pro Fest!

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"Lose" Lyrics
I will never know if you love me
or my company, but I don’t mind
‘Cause I ain’t tryna be the one,
Been through this a thousand times
I don’t needa take your heart,
you keep yours I’ll keep mine

All I really know is when I’m lonely.
I hate that I’m lonely,
and that’s why I let you in
and Maybe in another life we fight all day, kiss all night
But I don’t wanna break your heart, you keep yours I’ll keep mine

I know
we know better so,
we’d both better go

I don’t need a reason
To keep on dreamin’
that we don’t lose, yeah what’s the use?
I don’t need a reason
To keep on dreamin’, oh
That we can win at anything at all

Am I the only one who sees right through this?
Yeah all this bullshit,
Don’t play me for no fool
Yeah you don’t gotta lose your mind, every time I don’t call
and I should never have to win your love,
then hate myself when I don’t, oh, oh

Fickle as you are, that’s exactly why I keep on running back
‘Cause I’m brittle at the parts where I wish I were strong
And maybe when you need my help, I like myself when it’s over
but later in the light, you go dark and rogue, and I need closure

and I know, whatever this is ain’t love
So I’m goin’,
I’m gonna let you go, let you go

I don’t need a reason
To keep on dreamin’
that we dont lose, yeah what’s the use?
I don’t need a reason
To keep on dreamin’
That I can win this stupid thing called love


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datalksetahun yang lalu
best part 2:34

odoelsetahun yang lalu
her voice really amazing

hoorraysetahun yang lalu
emang keren banget dah nih suaranya NIKI gak perlu diragukan lagi dah kalau ini mah, hehe

richardus96setahun yang lalu
lagu yang udh berapa minggu ini terngiang2 di kuping

nccccckksetahun yang lalu

tommyprasssetahun yang lalu
Makin gak sabar nunggu sabtu

turkusumasetahun yang lalu
Cucok....bnget gan....

delreywatsonsetahun yang lalu
Selalu kehipnotia ane sm suaranya NIKI, shooting banget ga si rasanya

kacangpandasetahun yang lalu
Asli enak bgt suaranya NIKI. Lagunya juga keren bgt gini

myomyomsetahun yang lalu
Keren banget penampilan Niki, sangat menghayati. Seneng banget liat dia, emang berbakat deh