Stephanie Poetri - IRL (Official Music Video)

21,578 • Dipublish 27 Maret 2021

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Music video for "IRL" by Stephanie Poetri, the next single off of my upcoming debut EP AM:PM
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thank you to all of the people who made my year better and brought a smile to my face. These are just a few of them but there's truly so many more. luv you all, here's a song for all of us and I can't wait to hug u in person soon. hope u guys can use this song to celebrate loved ones around you too!

A special thank you to my mom, Awe and Ame, Christie, Ashley, Amanda, Felcia, Daph, Hunnah, Avi, Alissa, Irene, Jamie, KOAD, Kris, Kevin, Amy, Asher, Ziva, Adeta, Aquila, Maline, Kevin, Sara, Jack, Meidy, Bianca, Mariz, and Jhea for being a part of this video. Luv you and thank you for making my year better. Go check them out and send them love!!

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