Beyond B - How Crypto Works Under The Hood

54,850 • Dipublish 12 Agustus 2021

The cryptocurrency industry has grown rapidly to over than USD 1 trillion, with thousands of cryptocurrencies available globally.

Through this video, you will learn about the background, technology, business model, regulations, security on cryptocurrency industry.
You also can download the presentation materials presented in this video in this link https://bit.ly/BeyondBPresentation

Here is the rundown topics in this video that might interest you:

Business Track:
Session 1:
Beyond Bitcoin: DeFi & NFT
On Lee | CEO & CTO of GDP Labs and CTO of GDP Venture

Session 2:
Staking Ethereum
Antony Halim | Founder Vizualkei LLC

Session 3:
Cryptocurrency Security Best Practices
Dimaz Wijaya | Blockchain Security Engineer at Sigma Prime

Technical Track:
Session 4:
Full Stack DApp: ABCD (AI + Blockchain + Cloud + DApp)
Khandar William | Software Architect at GDP Labs

Session 5
DApp Programming Environment & Tools
Richard Win Putra | Crypto Asset Researcher at GDP Labs

Session 6:
Smart Contract Programming with Solidity & Deployment
Farrel Fachrizal Darian | Laboratory Assistant at Binus University

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