Now United - The Billion View Mashup (Official Video) DJ Earworm

26,201 • Dipublish 8 Desember 2020
1 BILLION VIEWS. Thank you Uniters for watching, listening, dancing, singing and loving what we do as much as we love you! This mash-up video is for you as a thank you for your support and a celebration of everything we have created together over the past few years.

THANK YOU for 1 Billion!! This is for you! Love, Now United

Mashup - Compiled and Mixed by: DJ Earworm


Choreography by:
Kyle Hanagami

Willdabeast Adams

Bosco Martis

This Mashup incorporates excerpts of “Summer In the City” (Nadir Khayat, Jakke Erixson, Justin Tranter, Mika Guillory, Bobby Ljunggren, Hakan Almqvist, Eva Lindblad), “All Day” (Nadir Khayat, Jakke Erixson, Adil Khayat, Mehdi Bouamer, Sean Bowe), “Who Would Think That Love” (Nadir Khayat, Jakke Erixson, Carmen Reece), “Beautiful Life” (Jonas Myrin, Gannin Arnold, Lousteau John (MR)), “Dana Dana” (Ali Bouali, Fadil El Ghoul, Memru Renjaan, Gannin Arnold), “Crazy Stupid Silly Love” (Sky Adams, Danny Shah), “Na Na Na” (Emile Ghantous, Francesca “Francci” Richard, Erik Nelson), “Come Together” (Emile Ghantous, Keith Hetrick, Sidnie Tipton, Meron Mengist, Kai Smith, Fritz Michallik), “By My Side” (Emile Ghantous, Keith Hetrick, Francesca “Francci” Richard), “Feel It Now” (Emile Ghantous, Keith Hetrick, Francesca “Francci” Richard) and “Parana” (Sky Adams, Danny Shah, Felicity Adams, Blair Dreelan)

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