Moneva - Loving U

8,805 • Dipublish 18 Juni 2019
Loving U was inspired by Monéva's own experiences, when she fell in love
with her best friend, who was at that time not available. She knew that she
shouldn't, but she just couldn't handle his charm. She has been a best friend
with him for 4 years, and she's done denying her feelings. So she wrote this
song to show him how she felt, "I thought that my feelings are one-sided but
days passed, I know for sure that this feeling is mutual".
Though the song's objective was to confess, she didn't really care about what
would happen next. She just goes with the flow and hope for the best. "I don't
want to expect too much, it hurts. I'm just going to stay here, waiting. Just like
the lyrics of the bridge part".

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